I aim to create and advocate for the boon of all boons,an image that divides itself perfectly. This image is a system that deems all knowledge as provisional – that all things must be reexamined to get to the reality of them. It’s not about falsifying the original information, but trying to engage honestly within it. To try and create that form, I make work that attempts to understand and navigate the suffering, despair, and violence created from systems of control and possession placed in almost every conceivable level of society. I attempt to examine spaces of brutality that are masked by progress and civility, the unconscious and conscious unwillingness to recognize them, and the collective hopelessness brought about by that resignation. It’s a pursuit to reexamine the system I find myself within. Recognizing places of control and responding to them is the way that I’ve found to not succumb to collective hopelessness. 

To build this acknowledgement, I create art adorned in caricature. The videos, video installations, objects, and writing I make are pastiches of largely appropriated imagery, sound, and text that mimic pop music. The basic framework of pop music is an effective basis for an image that divides itself perfectly. The audience is given the opportunity to manipulate the work while also being manipulated by it, creating a false sense of control. It makes it seem like they are dictating the experience just as much as the creator : a fact that may or may not be true. I find that form of narrative is inherently reflective and can be capable of leading to honest engagement between the work and the audience. Often, like pop music, I use caricatures of intimacy, desire, and violence to build my narratives. Through them I present tumultuous relationships that are intended to talk about both interpersonal relationships and systemic problems. Tumultuous relationships mirror themselves in systems of control; governments are identical to possessive lovers. Simulating these structures, the core of the work I make can be difficult to grasp fully in one interaction. They are complicated systems of symbols, metaphors, and jokes placed upon each other to make a larger picture. Though I doubt it would be possible to pick up on everything, more than one experience would be necessary to understand. The goal to some extent is to try to get an audience to reexamine.

Most of the systems of control that I talk about are spaces that can be comforting and hard to let go of. They are easy to lose yourself within. No matter how appealing they may be, the structures that I examine in my work are not sustainable - and have been falling apart for a long time. Images that divide themselves perfectly are one method of attempting to deal with them. My advocacy for this idealistic system based on honesty isn't a cure-all. But I think that it is important to aim for an irrational idealism. Seeking an ideal can function as a reparative act against collective hopelessness. It gives hope that the present can be better, that the future or the past aren’t the only places perfection can be imagined. I thoroughly doubt that humanity will ever reach some utopian ideal, but trying to get there creates the possibility of something better.





School of the Art Institute of Chicago - Chicago, IL, Master of Fine Arts, Film, Video, New Media, and Animation


Temple University, Tyler School of Art - Philadelphia, PA,    Bachelor of Fine Arts, Sculpture




SUpernova: OutDoor Festival of Digital Animation and Art (Invitational Program) - Denver, Co, USA

Queer Moving Image Review -


Allegorical Ghosts Screening - London Fields Taproom, London, UK


SUPERNOVA: Outdoor Festival of Digital Animation and Art - Denver, CO, USA

OPEN 2.0 - Slate Arts and Performance, Chicago, IL, uSA 

MFA Film, Video, New Media, Animation, Sound Festival - Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago, IL, USA

Double Screening! Pity Party & Employee of the Month - Art and Exhibition Hall UIC, Chicago, IL, USA

2nd Floor Rear 2017: Ritual - Hairpin Arts Center, Chicago, IL,USA

SOMETHING VERY FOOLISH (Curated by Danny Floyd)- Hairpin Arts Center, Chicago, IL, USA

Strangers Lovers Gods - Hairpin Arts Center, Chicago, IL, USA

Moving_Image_00:01 - Latitude, Chicago, IL, USA

February 2017 Video! Video! Issue: Pity Party! - Video! Video! Zine,


VIDEO SHOW - WALM Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, USA

StRaWbErRy~* Milkshakes/2/{lo-Cal edition} - The Archer Beach Haus, Chicago, IL, USA

First Year SAIC MFA Students - Nightingale, Chicago, IL, USA

Output: SAIC 1st Year MFA Screening - Comfort Station, Chicago, IL, USA


Video! Video! Zine - Zach Zone,

BFA Thesis Exhibition: The Golden Whipping Boy - Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA, USA

All School Show - Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Salon de Refusee de Refusee - Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA, USA


Awards & Honors



2015 - 2017

Writing Fellowship, School of the Art Institute of Chicago 


Edith Weil Hecht Memorial Award in Sculpture

2012 - 2015

Temple University Honors Program

2011 - 2015    

Temple University Academic Scholarship